Installation with video

Size variable
Light box: 30x30x30cm
Plastic tank: 25x40x22cm
UV print on the reflective sheet: 160x60cm

Video duration: 13min 9sec

Material: Light box, Plastic tank, Water, UV print on the reflective sheet

Data Lake II was made for an exhibition in 2021, with a new form of the floor installation print of Data Lake (2019).

The floor installation print takes shape inspired by diagrams that illustrate a Data Lake repository. Data Lake is a data storage system for the enterprise. With today’s rapidly growing volume of data and more diverse data types, Data Lake gives solutions for the enterprise’s data utilization. Data Lake provides a single, large-scale data repository for the raw, unstructured data collected by organizations. It facilitates big data analytics and machine learning. For this reason, more and more enterprises are now adopting the Data Lake. In work, the Data Lake is considered to fuel the industry using fragmented human time secretly absorbed from the platform.

The graphic of the floor installation print is made from a collage of various images of water from my previous videos, which dealt with the platform. The print is made of reflective material. The audience cannot see the reflected light from afar, but they can see a strong reflected light when they come close. The reflective material reveals hidden experiences when the audience approaches.

Data Lake II is shown with the video How to be Insensitive (2018). The amount of water in each tank represents the percentage of time I spend online, on YouTube, on Instagram, and on Netflix during my waking hours per day.